So You Wanna Be Rock’n’roll Star
(New Headway)

collections: New Headway
Posted 26 August 2018
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Duration of the video: 8 Min. 27 sec.
A new episode of the educational series "New Headway" where Matt's band is organizing an audition to find a new singer, David is helping him out by giving legal advice, and Jane is trying to start a new life and sort out her feelings for Bill.
Recommended words
all over the world -
be crazy about -
be lost -
brilliant -
could do with -
do someone a favour -
fit -
for commercial purposes -
a gig -
hang on -
have no idea -
hopeless -
hourly rate -
job interview -
keep one's feet on the ground -
legal advice -
lend -
make someone nervous -
mate -
obvious -
rehearsal -
send to prison -
sing along -
slow down -
split up -
take a step back -
to weep -
what about -