Comprehensive study of English: tasks of four types for different skills. Develop your listening skills, improve your grammatical knowledge and practise your writing skills.
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What's in it?
Exercises in video format that help you practise your English listening skill
Exercises in audio format that allow you to practise your English listening skills
Grammar Trainer
The trainer for better grammar learning
How it works
1. Watch the video
Try to understand what people are talking or singing about without peeking at the subtitles
2. Start doing the videopuzzle
Listen to the fragment and make it out of the words suggested below
3. Use your keyboard
You can click on puzzles using your mouse, or type the first letters of the words you need using your keyboard
4. Add new words to your dictionary
If you found a word you are not familiar with, click on it, take a look at the meaning and add it to your personal dictionary
5. Use additional functions
Press space bar to replay the fragment or "Enter" to hear the voice-over of the phrase
1. Select the mode that is appropriate for your level
You can complete an audio puzzle using the prepared words or type the English text using your keyboard
2. Listen to the phrase
Click on the replay button, if you did not catch it. Turn on the slowdown, if the narrator speaks fast
3. Solve the phrase puzzle and move on to the next one
Turn on the automatic phrase change in the settings in order not to click on "Continue" after each sentence
4. Make doing the exercise more difficult
Turn off the translation of the phrase in the settings so you can only count on your listening skills
5. Improve your vocabulary
If you found a word you are not familiar with, click on it, take a look at its meaning and add it to your personal dictionary
Grammar Trainer
1. Выполняйте упражнения
Тренажёр предложит Вам разные виды заданий на различные грамматические темы, расположенные в порядке возрастания сложности.
2. Получайте рекомендации
В зависимости от Ваших ошибок, Тренажёр даст ссылки на дополнительные материалы, которые помогут разобраться и больше не ошибаться в этой теме.
3. Прогрессируйте быстрее
Тренажёр даёт больше заданий в тех темах, в которых Вы ошибаетесь и помогает Вам быстрее освоить новые темы.
4. Говорите правильно
Конечный результат занятий - Вы можете строить любые фразы без грамматических ошибок.
Mobile app
Develop your listening skills, improve your vocabulary, enhance your reading and writing skills in one app! This is an excellent way to learn English for those familiar with the English alphabet and basic vocabulary.
Develop several English skills at once and immerse in the study process completely