A regularly updated online library with hundreds of books in English by famous authors. Each book includes a professional narration voiceover.
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How it works
Find the right book using filters
You can select the genre, narrator's accent and complexity.
Choose the most appropriate way of working with a book
Apart from the English text, you also get access to professional voice-over.
Add new words and phrases to your Personal dictionary
Look up the translation for new vocabulary in a single click and add new words to your dictionary for further learning.
Save your favourite books
Add the books you liked to "Favourites" in order not to forget about them or to read them again later.
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Develop your listening skills, improve your vocabulary, enhance your reading and writing skills in one app! This is an excellent way to learn English for those familiar with the English alphabet and basic vocabulary.
Learn to read literature in English by studying regularly in the "Books" section on Puzzle English. Improve your ability to think in English and enjoy learning the language.

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